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2015-Dec-20 - "FIFA 16" PC, PS4, 1.03 updated Xbox and two released, brings new content and stability improvements

It has released the third patch for the PS4, Xbox One and fifa coins PC versions of "FIFA 16". It will bring some stability improvements, and most importantly, some new content for avid gamers.

New content comes in the form of star players eyes, especially those who come from newly promoted Premier League teams this season. There are also other new groups in Barcelona and Rome and Milan.

EA has also listened to the views of community issues, "FIFA 16" Debugging includes some of the reforms that have been identified fans who have presented more than one page to support EA.

And "FIFA 16" We now have to match the best online, the team will celebrate timed correctly and tickets for professional football clubs. Now it is also for the correction of errors FIFA Seasons online to take advantage of the record, returns the achievements of the Club Pro and change the screen size is not stored in the PS4.

The team also finally saw football on a number of reforms, correct 3. Compare prices had improved for accessories. Cases in which the goalkeeper as the default roles of player, identical pictures of balls settings, the concept of the band the band to play your opponent and use of historical groups when he played in a band and my friends have all been resolved. Finally, the default value will be updated Buy Now option is now no more than the transfer value of the goods for sale.

It is also the last call to the team than a week the team finally, "FIFA 16". There is still one day to go to challenge the Team of the week until 11 November usual, and this is the part where the team finally collect a football around all the best players, so that players can challenge them to a situation such as sports page EA.

As of 11 players, including Samir Handanovic, Luciano Fabian Monzon, Maicon, Laurent Koscielny, Arouna Kon?, Granit Xhaka, Sergi Roberto, Riyadh Mehrez, Marco Rios, Coutinho and Arkadiusz Milik. There are 12 reserves and five additional players to challenge. Team to a week to get fifa coin the packages to the team at the end of football, even if it is randomly placed in the packages ....
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2015-Dec-20 - Runescape turned 15, receive updates celebrations

Runescape older than I was when I got sucked into the grinding, the gut has a low resolution. Those were the days, polygons the size of a fist RS Gold and lost hours of screaming about armor kite Ron bank Falador. As I understand, it's the most beautiful thing these days, and there is a heaven, in addition to the trappings of the modern MMO, such as raids. I do not know where to get these kids crazy ideas, but to stay in power RuneScape is undeniable: it turns 15 next year, has announced several upgrades to celebrate.

RuneScape founders, Andrew and Paul Gower will return to the planning effort occasion to show hope in the spring, and the invention of new skills! -will you can customize your weapons and armor. It is certainly the biggest news of the second round of graphical updates, trying to hide some of the old girl's liver spots.

Strangely, old school RuneScape, which Runescape Gold is similar to the 2007 state of the game, is to carry out a new continent, Zeah. I know that there is always room for RuneScape old-school 'to develop along the way on their own, but my God, continent? Zeah will appear on three separate occasions, but what has not yet been published.
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